Meet the Team

We are a passionate team with headquarters in London.

Dr Mark Hahnel

Mark obtained a PhD in Stem cell biology from Imperial College in 2012 after previously
studying Genetics and Human Genetics at the University of Newcastle and Leeds
respectively. Mark is the current CEO of figshare, a SaaS platform that has provided data
infrastructure for the world’s leading academic publishers (SpringerNature, Wiley, PLOS,
ACS), academic institutions, academic funders and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr Manuel Corpas

Dr. Corpas is an experienced researcher, trainer, and scientific communications strategist. He was the Scientific Lead at Repositive, a genome data sharing platform company. Before Repositive, Corpas was a 2016 fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute and Project Leader at The Genome Analysis Centre (now Earlham Institute, Norwich, UK). He holds a Ph.D. in bioinformatics from the University of Manchester, UK, and did his postdoctoral work in clinical genomics at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge (UK).

Sébastien Jehan

Sebastien is a serial entrepreneur with a strong experience in building complex international IT systems (mostly in banks). He is a Telecom Engineer graduate (TelecomParisSud), with a MSc in Finance (ICMA), and has focused his career on Ethereum since 2015. His latest project founded from scratch was Sebastien is also an advisor on, the first distributed investment research network. Sebastien has experienced several cultural work environment (US, Japan, Europe) and has experience in Devops automation and Datascience (he’s also animating a meetup Datascience in Finance).

Djemba Bocoum

Djeneba is graduating from ETNA Paris (Architecture Systems, Networks and Security), and a graduate in Electronics and Industrial data at Moulay Ismail University in Morocco, in Electronics and Automatics at University of Sciences and Technology of Lille 1. She is a Go developer, working on adapting the RockEngine on smart devices and IOT devices.

Regis Gourdel

Régis has a strong theoretical background in cryptography and is a GO developer. Régis is a graduate from Telecom ParisTech (applied mathematics on cryptography and quantum computing), and is doing an MSc in applicable mathematics in London School of Economics (game theory, advanced algorithms and financial maths).

Aldo de Pape

Aldo is the founder & CEO of TeachPitch brought onboard to offer business development expertise. A cloud based platform that helps teachers & schools resolve the problem of information abundance through the process of curation, online tutoring and artificial intelligence.

Aldo previously worked in publishing for Springer and Macmillan and is the author of a children’s book ‘I am!’, published in 2008.

Simon Redhead

Simon joins us for his project management and community engagement skills, straight out of a role in UK government

Chris Griffiths

Chris is our international business lead, building on top of his background as an engineer and strong global network