The future human passport

We as a society need to take control of our own genetic data

A human genome is the blueprint to what makes you who you are.

Everyone’s is different and highly personal. Simply storing personal genomic data on the blockchain is not enough. ‘Genomes’ allows people to have complete confidence in the security of their personal genome from the moment the data comes off our machines. We offer low cost, high quality, market leading genomic sequencing and security.

We aim to sequence 1 billion people’s genome and power new insights by empowering the owners to control access to their genome.

Users can grant selective, controlled, auditable access in exchange for financial reward (GENE tokens) or to ask questions of their data as the field of genomics discovers more about our genetic code.

Strict Access Control

The huge drop in operational costs for this technology, combined with the enormous potential for personalised medicine, means that we are looking at a future where all of humanity, all 7B+ people have their genomes sequenced. The potential for exploitation of people’s personal genomic data is therefore a huge concern. Securely storing genomes in a query-able way is an unrealised necessity that is now realisable.

‘Genomes’ not only secures privacy for individual’s genomic data, it also enables 3rd party access when approved by the individual in exchange for tokens known as OME. These OME tokens can be sold on the free market, back to the genomes organisation, or to other users through the app. These tokens (OME) can also be used by pharmaceutical companies to reward users of the app, who will expose certain computational results to 3rd parties.

Ethereum and Rockchain

‘Genomes’ is a blockchain application designed to privately, securely store whole genome sequence data for an individual in a manner that allows questions to be asked of the genetic code without exposing the code to others. ‘Genomes’ uses Ethereum and Rockchain to allow systems to compute a function on private data, without exposing anything about their data besides the result.

All corporate data are held locally and securely, the permissions are finely tuned through ethereum blockchain smart contracts. The only data transferred outside the company is the computation results. The ComputeReduce node can also serve as a connection proxy from the corporate world to the outside world, such as traditional firewalls or internet proxy servers.